Our Team

Team ROYAL OMANIA. The happy people's collective!

For a team or an individual to remain perfectly happy in their work, 3 things are essential: They must be fit for it. They must not do too much of it. And they must have the right dose of passion and success in it. Team Omania is a bunch of simple and happy people, who knows how to keep you happy by consistently providing you the travel product or service in your mind, with utmost sincerity, transparency and efficiency.

Team Omania consists of professionally qualified and experienced personnel, who with their thoroughly updated knowledge of the industry, assist clients in streamlining their holiday dreams, planning their itinerary, hotel reservation, foreign exchange, etc. thus helping them travel hassle free, with complete peace of mind. Royal Omania also has a carefully selected panel of experienced multilingual guides for all important places spread across its pilgrimage and holiday destinations.

Our team’s initiatives is based on the company’s commitment to nurture innovation, pioneer new fields, ensure customer delight and ultimately, generate a sustainable impact across individuals, communities and associates.Professional approach, in-depth knowledge of tourist destinations and routes, and experienced and courteous workforce which realizes it all, are the true strengths of Royal Omania.

The health of a company is best gauged by testing the happiness of employees. If they are fine, everything else will follow ~Deepthi Jose Sleeba, Corporate Manager – HR, Royal Omania

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